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Dog playing? Find out how to housebreak a puppy

Dog playing? Find out how to housebreak a puppy

The day you bring a new puppy home to meet the family is an exciting time for everyone. Your new arrival will receive your family’s 100% undivided attention. But once this little guy settles in, it will become apparent that responsibility and puppyhood go hand in hand.

Understanding how to train your puppy will be imperative. He will need to rely on you for guidance and leadership to help him adjust to his new home.

Your puppy’s behavior will reflect your training. Don’t be surprised when your puppy acts like a puppy. He will bark, chew, dig, and several other habits that if not corrected will continue to persist.

This will be a time-consuming process that is imperative to understand. Patience and persistence will be a great virtue, especially if you are like me; one that truly cares and loves your puppy to give him the best jump in life that you can.

When you start training your puppy early and give him a chance to interact with other puppies, chances are your puppy will mature into a well-behaved dog. During this process, your puppy will require commitment and responsibility.

By instilling house training, puppy interaction, leash training, and obedience early on, you will help your puppy successfully adjust to your home.

One of the best ways to train your puppy is through positive reinforcement. The day you bring your puppy home, start training right then and there. Start by offering praise along with rewards when your puppy is trained correctly.

Try to focus on developing good habits and preventing bad habits that your puppy has. This will save you time later because you won’t have to spend years learning bad behavior.

Being consistent when trying to create good habits will help a lot in the long run. By starting with easier commands and repeating yourself, you’ll have a foundation to build on for further learning. Do not exercise for too long as your little boy will not get used to these types of exercises and may lose focus.

By gaining your puppy’s trust early on, you will notice that it will become easier and easier to train him because he is not afraid of harsh corrections or punishments.

Over time, your puppy will learn to love these training exercises. This is good because the more your puppy enjoys being trained, the more likely he will want to be praised for doing the training correctly.

Being patient with your puppy through training will only improve his chances of learning. Try to remember, he’s new to this and doesn’t understand why you’re trying to teach him to act a certain way. If you are realistic and understand that training takes time and doing the same thing over and over comes with the territory, he will have a better opportunity to grow.

Your puppy does not yet know the information that is about to be learned. Try not to focus on his faults or flaws; rather, focus on his successes and how far he has come since the first day you brought him home.

Remember that this part of your puppy’s life is very critical. Once your pup realizes that you’re having as much fun as he is, you’ll develop a long-lasting bond that will last a long time.

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