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Dog photography – tips for a successful photo shoot

Dog photography – tips for a successful photo shoot

I think my dog ​​is a really beautiful sight. Over the years I have studied and practiced the best ways to take a memorable photo of my canine companion. Here are some guidelines to help you take good photos of your dog.

You want your dog to be calm and relaxed. Try to take a picture with him in his favorite terrain. It could be his favorite chair, his spot under the shade tree in the backyard, or the porch. You’ll know the place I’m talking about. This is his special place and he loves it there.

Try to tell a story with the shot. You’ve seen pictures of dogs looking out the window. We can imagine a story behind this picture. It doesn’t have to be a long story. For example, you might be trying to take a picture of your dog and your toddler with an ice cream cone on a walk and your dog knocks it out of his hands. The end result will be a fantastic story, albeit a little upsetting for your child. It would be a good idea to have your camera handy so you can get to it quickly when you see a good story.

Be ready to move. Dogs are unpredictable. Some dogs jump at the sound of the shutter clicking, so try setting your camera accordingly.

Follow your dog’s thought process. In other words, eat, sleep and play. Simplify the kit. If it’s indoors, get rid of the clutter. If you’re outdoors, watch out for lawn furniture, stray toys, etc. Delete things that are distracting and don’t add to the story.

Try to fill your frame with your furry subject. Place the camera at the same level as your dog. Seeing your subject’s point of view can give you extra creativity that leads to better photos. Remember, you’re not looking for the scenery; your dog should be the center of attention.

Remember the treats! If your dog has a weakness for peanut butter, crackers, or smelly cheese, use them to make this perfect shot. This works great when shooting people with dogs. Try to keep the person and the dog facing the same direction. Make sure all parties in the photo are comfortable with each other.

Study your dog before the photography session to see what sets him apart from other animals. If you want to take a special photo, behavior is the key. What do they do for fun? Do they have the same habits as their owners?

Another approach to dog photography is to take the photo when your dog isn’t looking. Some of the best photos are taken when the dog is not paying attention to the camera. It’s in those moments that you catch that certain expression or when he almost looks human.

Last but not least, train your dog before the event. A walk or some playtime will do wonders for your dog’s temperament and adaptability for the photo shoot. Following these tips should help you take the perfect photo of your loyal and true furry friend.

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