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Dog Obedience Training – Dog Grooming Problems

Dog Obedience Training – Dog Grooming Problems

It is very important that young puppies and older dogs (actually all ages) get regular grooming. By grooming your dog or puppy regularly, you will not only keep your dog clean and healthy, but you will also be able to spot any possible health problems that may have appeared suddenly or after a period of time.

A very common problem that is often noticed when grooming your puppy is the presence of fleas and ticks. If you make the very unwise decision not to groom your dog or puppy (just because they don’t like it), you are leaving your puppy open to getting more ticks, matted hair, and a constant increase in the amount of fleas present on your pet.

How to Get Your Dog or Puppy Groomed…

  1. Grooming your dog or puppy as mentioned above is very important whether your dog has short or long hair.
  2. Start grooming your puppy from a very young age (as soon as you bring him home) as he is used to being groomed by his mother and it is important to pick up where she left off. By starting early, you will also get your puppy used to being groomed and this will mean there won’t be as many problems when your puppy gets older.
  3. Place your dog or puppy on the floor on something that is comfortable and will allow your puppy to not slip and grab onto. Find an old rug with a rubber backing as this is ideal and will be easy to grip and comfortable for your dog or puppy.
  4. If you place your puppy on a table or even something that is slippery – this will make him or her even more insecure as he or she will slip and reinforce his or her negative feelings about the grooming process.
  5. Groom regularly – if you leave it for a week or two your puppy will get used to not being groomed and this will cause more problems when you start grooming him/her again. If you leave it too long – tangling can occur and this will make trimming painful – again reinforcing negative feelings about the process.
  6. Make sure you use all the right tools when grooming your dog or puppy, as this will again make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for your dog or puppy.
  7. Consistently reward positive behavior and ignore negative behavior and it won’t take long for your dog or puppy to get used to the whole grooming process.

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