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Dog grooming tips at home: Hair control

Dog grooming tips at home: Hair control

If you have a dog, then you will know that certain dog breeds are more prone to having fur that sheds and grows quite quickly. For this type of dog, you can try dog ​​grooming at home. It is much more cost effective than taking them to a dog grooming salon as their costs can be extremely high and if your dog needs a lot of grooming it will cost you a lot on a regular basis.

To begin with, you need to find out what type of coat your dog has. Some dog breeds don’t need much care other than a good brush every day. For this, you can buy specialized brushes from pet stores and they are suitable for your dog’s coat type. For example, German Shepherds have a double coat. This means that their coat has 2 layers, both of which are slightly different.

This type of coat has a brush specifically for this, it is usually made of metal and is usually made with rows of long metal bristles, with slightly smaller bristles next to it for an undercoat. This pulls out all the thick fur very effectively, meaning that when the dog sheds its fur, it won’t be as much as usual, making it easier to clean the house!

For spaniels, they don’t have the course, thick coat of a sheepdog, but their coat can get quite long and their ears are quite woolly, with a tendency to form large matted knots if not trimmed regularly. To begin, brush the entire body with a medium-coarse brush to get rid of bits of grass and pimples that tend to stick to the springer’s coat. Do not use a hard or stiff brush on your dogs face, use a softer brush as it is much more pleasant for them.

If the feathery coat they tend to get when their coat gets long needs trimming, you can buy thinning shears to get rid of it, or regular straight shears, but make sure they are specifically for dog grooming, not for household scissors, as they won’t be sharp enough. Trim the fur on their back legs, along their tail, under their belly, and along their chest.

You may need to trim matted fur from their ears. You should always pay special attention to your Springer’s ears as they can be susceptible to infection due to their shape, size and very thick fur. You will also need to trim the fur from their legs so nothing can get stuck or wedged in their fur as this would make it a pain to walk.

If you are confident and able, you should always trim their nails, even if you walk them regularly on concrete, which will keep them short. You should only trim a dog’s nails after a veterinarian or professional has shown you how to do so, as otherwise you can cause your pet to bleed. Other types of dogs have different grooming requirements.

If you try dog ​​grooming at home, make it fun and relaxing for your pet and you’ll find it can be a very rewarding past time, with the bonus that your dog will look beautiful at the end of it!

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