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Dog Day Care – What to look for in a dog day care service

Dog Day Care – What to look for in a dog day care service

Feeling guilty because you are working and your dog is left alone in the house or yard all day? With all of us working longer hours, it’s hard to find time to exercise and play with the family dog ​​when we get home from work. Dog grooming is the answer for many dog ​​owners.

Dog daycare is beneficial for both your dog and you. You’ll both be less stressed at the end of the day. A good doggy daycare center will ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise so he won’t have the energy to dig or chew or indulge in other bad behavior when he gets home.

What to look for in a dog day care service

The best dog day care services offer toys, different play areas, games and daily walks for the dogs that stay at the center all day. The dogs are not crated or confined, they are free to play with other dogs of a similar temperament.

When you visit the Children’s Dog Center, look for:

* Play equipment to keep dogs entertained and active;

* Separated areas for dogs with different temperaments and needs;

* Supervision – there should always be someone watching the dogs to make sure there is no aggression or harassment. Staff should ideally be qualified in the training, management and grooming of dogs;

* Dog walks – dogs must be walked at least once a day;

* Dietary care – older dogs and young dogs have different nutritional needs and these must be taken into account;

* Veterinarian on call.

The dog nursery should be clean and smell sweet – any mess should be cleaned up immediately.

Although dog day care can be expensive, you may find, as many dog ​​owners do, that day care is the best investment you can make for the well-being of both your dog and you. Knowing that your dog is having fun while you work means you can really enjoy owning a dog.

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