Does your dog pull on the leash? Don’t let him do that

Does your dog pull on the leash? Don’t let him do that

Is your dog constantly pulling on the leash, practically pulling your hands out of their sockets? I see people walking their dogs, not their dogs walking them, the dog pulling them all the way. If you let a dog pull on the leash, he will think that is what he should be doing and will continue to do so.

So how do you stop this behavior? First, if your dog is older, it may take some time. Ingrained habits take longer to unlearn. If you have more patience than your dog, you will eventually be able to train your dog. The key is to be more persistent, more determined than your dog. And know what to do along the way.

If pulling is something you don’t like, then don’t tolerate it even for a second. If your dog pulls forward, either stop or quickly turn in another direction and say “this way” to get the dog to go in another direction. As it turns, there will be a brief moment of slack in the strap. You can tell your dog “that’s it” while this is happening.

Now that you are facing another direction and your dog starts pulling again, quickly turn in another direction and say in a calm but affirming voice “this way” and your dog will follow. Say affirmatively “true” when there is slack. If you can make it look like a game to your dog, he will start to pay attention to you and start watching you to see if you will change direction.

To improve conditions for you and your dog, giving him a longer period of good behavior and more time to see what’s coming and correct him before he hits the end of the leash (which can be micro seconds on a six foot leash) use a long line. A long line will give you time to call a change of direction before he reaches the end of the leash.

There is much more to be gained and more training available with a long line. Some dog trainers specialize in using a long lead. Whatever method you use to teach your dog to stop pulling on the leash, make sure you never let your dog do it in the first place, then he will never be reinforced for doing something you find unpleasant.

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