Distance parent – How to ease a child’s longing through video chat

Distance parent – How to ease a child’s longing through video chat

Nowadays, most parents have to accept the condition of living apart (due to work outside their home country) while they crave connection with their loved ones. They synthesize the best possible efforts and ideas to provide food, shelter, education and love to their children.

Time will always challenge your flexibility. Wise decisions will change your life. Your choice of work is associated with great responsibilities and great privileges, which sometimes sets you apart from your loved ones. Working abroad is a search for greener pastures and you bravely adapt to the new conditions in the new place. It is difficult to accept living outside one’s homeland, and being separated from one’s relatives is psychologically disturbing not only for the parents, but especially for the child. However, be thankful that you live in the computer age now and everything is just a click away to send a message and video call and enjoy the pleasure of chatting while doing other tasks. Outside of your home, the iPhone 3GS will bridge that gap. However, have you wondered how to afford quality time with your child to ease the loneliness he feels while you are gone? How to build that close personal relationship between parent and child through distance communication is through personal experience that you can improve over time.

Availability. It is important to let your child feel your presence most of the time. Your daily tasks are to video call him and ask him what happened during the day. Your child will be able to build trust and confidence to express their feelings. By asking, your child can explore the will to think rationally. Your presence may mean so much to him that he may be proud to tell other children about it.

Visualization. The power of your mind allows you to be in control, so your child will open their mind to the things being communicated. Online storytelling would be so much fun if you let him share what he understands about the story, which will ultimately spark an open dialogue between parent and child. Allow your child to share his naive story as well and praise him for his wonderful story. It helps your child learn to communicate and share their feelings. With visualization, it helps extend the conversation, thus making it more exciting for your child to create their own story from their visual perception. Listening is a great role for you as a parent.

Entertainment. Spice things up when you call your child online. The child will never be without a game plan and wants to capture every bit of the greatest joy. If he wants to pretend to be a superhero, let him feel the excitement. If he insists on typing his name into the computer, you just let him do it and praise the job done by sending him an emoticon like a star, smiley or heart. There are webcams to turn your video image into an animation where your child can start a story. Be interested in making your child’s world more fascinating and fun moments.

Tour and invitation. Using your webcam or mobile phone, you can tour him around your home and let him see your bedroom, TV, office and more – so he’ll know you’re living well, too. You can also show him his pictures that you carry and keep all the time and tell him how much you loved and cherished them. It’s more compelling if you promise to take him and let him live with you.

Bidding Goodbye. The sad part of the conversation is the time to say goodbye. Let your child feel that their paths do not part, but only for a bedtime routine and a need for rest, a full reading of a bedtime story will complete your child’s evening, and before you go out, you hold out your arms as if you are reaching out to your child for a hug. Forming your hands into a heart shape is an additional way to say goodbye. One last thing, tell him you love him and always make sure to see him again.

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