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Disneyland Resort Hotel Discounts: Find discounts at Disneyland Resort and Good Neighbor hotels

Disneyland Resort Hotel Discounts: Find discounts at Disneyland Resort and Good Neighbor hotels

When planning your trip to the Disneyland Resort in California, sometimes it makes sense to book your lodging separately. You can often find some good “room only” discounts, especially during the off seasons. Here are some of the places to look for accommodation discounts.

1. The Disneyland Resort website sometimes has special offers for their three on-site resort hotels or the Disneyland “Good Neighbor” hotels. (To get to the website, just Google Disneyland Resort). Depending on the time of year, there are often discounts available. These “room only” discounts can range from 15% to 30% off one of their hotels. Other possible offers are “buy a certain number of nights and the next one or maybe two nights are free”. Depending on Disneyland hotel occupancy forecasts, sometimes they will even extend these discounts to include dates during their peak seasons. An added benefit of staying at one of Disneyland’s Resort or “Good Neighbor” hotels is that many are within a 5- to 10-minute walk to the theme parks, so you also save on theme park parking fees.

2.Senior discounts are generally available for over 60s subject to availability. Discounts can be up to 30% off a room at the Disneyland Resort or Good Neighbor Hotel. Seniors may even be able to book up to two rooms at this discounted rate. A valid photo ID is required upon check-in at the hotel. Call the Disneyland Resort Reservations Department at 1-714-956-6425 for more information.

3. Triple discounts are often available to members of their car clubs. You can look for these deals on their website or in person if you have a local office nearby. However, sometimes their discounts are geared more towards package holiday deals. You may get a better deal on room-only discounts by calling Disneyland Resort Reservations directly at 1-714-956-6425 and asking for the Triple A discount. Be ready to have your Triple A membership card with you when you make your reservation and upon check-in at the hotel.

4. Military discounts are usually offered to current and retired members. A military ID will be required upon check-in and the military person booking the reservation must normally stay in the room. There may be “blocked” dates for these discounts. For current military “room only” discounts at Disneyland, call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425 or contact a participating US military base.

5. Disneyland Rewards Visa Card members are sometimes offered “room only” discounts on Disneyland hotels. To receive these discounts, you will need to load your stay with your Disneyland Rewards Visa Card. Call 1-877-553-4763 to find out if current Disney Visa discounts are available. If you’re not currently a Disney Rewards Visa cardholder, you may want to check out some of their membership benefits. They usually offer discounted theme park stroller rentals and discounts on Disneyland resort merchandise, as well as discounts on Disneyland tours. They also usually offer a daily private encounter with a Disney character at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.

6. “Room only” discounts in the hotel industry are sometimes available to people who work for a US or international hotel. To check for a possible discount, call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425. Proof of current hotel employment is required upon check-in.

7. Discounts are often available for California residents. These discounts may only apply to certain California zip codes. Watch your local California newspapers for deals. You can also call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425 to inquire about current offers.

8. ARES Travel is a reliable travel agency that specializes in Disneyland Resort accommodation and tickets. Visit their website or contact them directly at 1-800-680-0977. Be sure to ask about their cancellation policy and fees before you book.

These are just a few of the many sources for discounted Disneyland hotel deals, but the sources listed above will give you a good place to start looking for a Disneyland hotel deal that fits your individual needs and budget.

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