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Designer dogs and pampered pets

Designer dogs and pampered pets

What are designer dogs? The biggest trend in dogs is not purebreds, but specially created hybrids (pugs, pukimos, jack-bees). Dogs that fall into the designer category include boxers, doxies, dachshunds, beagles, poodles, and more. The list of what is considered a hybrid is long; However; if your pet does not fall on this list, it does not mean that he is not a designer dog. This descriptive name also applies to pampered pets, and any pet can be treated like royalty.

Pampering your dog has become a very popular trend and shows no signs of slowing down. Treating your dog like a member of the family and providing a better life for your best friend is no longer a novelty or a luxury, but a way of life.

Hollywood’s influence on dog fashion

You’ve probably seen the pampered puppies that many celebrities are currently sporting as their latest accessory. They are often seen bringing their toy-sized dogs to red carpet events or just out on the town for the evening. As American life can mirror Hollywood trends, accompanying a dog has become a fashion statement.

Costs for high-quality products and services for dogs

There are approximately 73 million pet dogs in the United States. Man’s best friend is the most popular pet, with 43.5% of US households owning a dog. The American Pet Manufacturers Association estimates that in 2007, pet owners spent $41 billion on their furry friends. High-end and luxury products account for an increasing percentage of the total spend on luxury puppies.

Sales of dietary supplements and health care products formulated specifically for pets also benefited. With more families viewing their dog as a member of the family and deserving of attention and care, this is leading to an increase in the number of older and overweight dogs.

This trend continues in other parts of the world such as Canada and the United Kingdom. In the UK, 11% of people said they would re-mortgage their home to pay for a vital vet bill! There is no doubt that we have gone to the dogs.

Designer dog beds

The world of dog fashion takes care of little dogs: handbags for ladies to carry their beloved friends wherever they go, a dog bag for every occasion from casual to very elegant with designer labels. These duffle bags are not only attractive but also functional in styles such as shoulder, purse and hands-free front designs and backpacks.

Beds for dogs

Perhaps your four-legged friend’s secret obsession is a comfortable bed to dream about. Dogs love to laze on an extra soft and comfortable bed. There’s no shortage of fashion-meets-functional designs that will cater to style-loving dogs, no matter what breed you own. Designer and luxurious dog beds and furniture are abundant with seriously supportive padding and luxurious fabrics that will complement your home decor.

“dog fashion” is the new buzzword in the world of dog fashion. Designer dog wear for every occasion from casual to the most formal: casual parkas, active wear, backpacks, hats, hiking boots, sunshades, evening wear, faux fur coats, jewelry, luxury dog ​​collars, occasions and shoes. Your tall dog will need a closet to accommodate all these clothes and accessories.

Here’s a roundup of the hot trends:

  • Bridal registries for high end dog items.
  • Some hair care giants have launched lines of pet care products.
  • Gourmet pet treats.
  • Exclusive hotel chains welcome small dogs and pamper them with gourmet meals, plush beds and spa treatments in style.
  • Caring for dogs is not just a bowl of food served at a kennel. Pets are now treated with exercise and training programs.
  • Pet spas replace a simple shampoo and clip with full salon treatments, including hair conditioner, highlights, color and nail care, massage and body treatments.

In summary, the pet care industry has seen growth every year, which fortunately has provided a greater variety and better quality of goods for your designer dogs. Browse the virtual shelves, you might just find something your four-legged friend can’t live without.

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