Designer dog beds – a thriving niche in home furniture

Designer dog beds – a thriving niche in home furniture

You know your puppy is like a member of the family. If the custom-made collars and winter sweaters didn’t tell the world that, then the designer beds you bought him for his bedroom and living room certainly should. Today, more than ever, the choice of dog beds is huge. You can be cute and just go for a cool looking bed, or you can go for a bed that matches your decor. In fact, the designer dog bed is a relatively new niche in the pet market that is booming right now.

There are several types of designer beds to choose from in the market these days. One type is the Cozy Puff bed, where the bed is made of high-quality fleece and filled with hypoallergenic polyfill. Although it comes in an assortment of designs, it is especially useful for keeping your dog warm and protecting the stiff joints of older dogs. The bed is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and the price ranges between $105.00 and $265.00.

Pamper Me Puppy also offers a very unique type of designer dog bed for your dog. Titled the Holden Designer Dog bed, this small piece of furniture is designed to become a permanent fixture in your home. This piece is made of bent plywood that has been treated with a water/temperature resistant coating. It stands on a pedestal and is suitable for a blanket or pillow. The company offers sheepskin with it for just $126.00 more. The bed itself costs about $275.00.

There is a price to pay for style, as we all know. Just as there are different grades and qualities of human furniture, the same is true of pet furniture. Know your pet’s weight, shop around, and choose the piece that will go with your decor. Your pet will love it as long as it is close to you.

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