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Dachshund training that is great for novice dog parents

Dachshund training that is great for novice dog parents

Got a new Doxie and need advice on training a dachshund? Dachshunds are amazing little dogs with big hearts, but they were bred for a “stick to it” attitude and a sense of independent action. Because of this, training your dachshund puppy will involve many hours of steady and consistent training during the first few months of his life. Training a dachshund takes a lot of patience. The good news is that well-trained Dachshunds are loyal, loving and permanent pets. And because they have a long life, you’ll enjoy their well-behaved company for many years to come.

You don’t need to learn complicated techniques or take your puppy to an expert trainer to train him successfully. Dachshund training can be done with a few basic common sense techniques that can get you started training your puppy the first day he comes home. The key to successful training is consistency, so before you even bring the puppy home, you should discuss the rules with all members of the household.

Where will the dog sleep? Where will his play area be? What are acceptable toys? Will he be allowed on the couch? Where will his food be stored and what time will he be fed? Reading up on the breed beforehand can help answer some of these questions. By having the rules in place before the puppy comes home, you have already taken the first step in good training practice.

Once your puppy comes home, everyone in the house must follow the rules. Your puppy will be trying to find a way to fit in with his new “pack” and trying to learn the rules of the pack. A large part of a dachshund’s early training is teaching them the rules of the household and their place in the “pack” hierarchy. When you start introducing obedience training, you will need to remember to keep the individual sessions short and focused. Using one-word commands is also recommended with Dachshunds.

Your Dachshund puppy will strive to please, so use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior. Any reward or gentle reprimand should come immediately after the action that earned it. The Dachshund’s attention span is very short, so work with this to have several sessions each day of just a few minutes each. With a proper focus on consistency and repetition during dachshund training, your new Doxie puppy will become the well-behaved pet of your dreams.

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