Crepe paper streamers – how and what?

Crepe paper streamers – how and what?

What exactly is crepe paper? Crepe paper is tissue paper that is coated with a sizing agent and then “creped” to create folds. Sizing agents are things like glue, gelatin, gum, or starch. This is then added to fabric or paper pulp to add stiffness or shine, among other things. This gives crepe paper that different and unique texture and feel. One that is very different from the usual tissue paper.

One may wonder what is tissue paper. Tissue paper is the lightest paper on the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, scale. Paper industry scales record and measure in grams per square meter. Tissue paper has a measurement of 10-35gsm (grams per square meter). Light cardboard has 100-120 g/m². So you can see how it stacks up in comparison.

Paper strips come in a range of bright and bold colors or pastels, as well as white and black. It may or may not bleed. This gathering or “creping” can also be applied to other types of paper. It is the basis for various types of tape, including masking tape and electrical tape. You didn’t know you were double decorating when you masked off the crepe paper strips, did you?

Streamers aren’t just used for party decorations either. It can be used to make craft flowers or for costumes. It is used for accessories of all kinds and to create the floats we see in holiday parades. It is also used in paper sculptures and applications. Crepe paper can be used to decorate Easter eggs by simply adding a little water to the paper and letting it run over the egg and it will absorb the color creating some beautiful patterns and designs which is a step away from the usual dipping method. Obviously, you will need to know that you have some of those that bleed.

It can be used to make pictures when cut into small squares. A pencil eraser is used to form the squares around it and then dipped in a small amount of household glue. Dip the paper just enough to cover the very end of the pencil and then place it on the cardboard in whatever shape you like. It should be placed close to each other to create the desired effect. But since crepe paper isn’t expensive, it’s a great way to entertain kids.

Crepe paper is sold in long narrow strips up to two inches wide. Also available in folded or flat sheets.

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