Copy Gamecube Games – Fast way to copy Gamecube games

Copy Gamecube Games – Fast way to copy Gamecube games

The gamecube has been around for quite some time and due to its popularity after the wii, there are indeed gamecube game copy programs. The main reason you will need a program is because normal software doesn’t work on a video game because of the code. It’s like feeding a cat dog food, it just doesn’t make sense.

Here are the steps to copy GameCube games

First you’ll need to get a decryption program, also called a game copy software. There are many available online. This will do most of the work for you, so it’s important to get a good one and not some copycat. Once you have that, you’ll need to insert your gamecube game and use the program to create an image of it and save it to your desktop.

Then insert a blank disc into your drive and press copy and in a few minutes (depends on how fast your drive is) you will have a copy of your original gamecube game. See, it’s not that hard to copy gamecube games if you have the right tools.

The great thing about these game copy programs is that you can use them in the future, so if you ever buy a new game, you can make a copy of it and pull it out if something ever happens to it in the future. One last thing to copy gamecube games make sure your blank disks are 4.7GB or larger.

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