Coprophagia can be fatal for your pet – stop dogs from eating feces

Coprophagia can be fatal for your pet – stop dogs from eating feces

Most dog owners will tell you; Dogs love to eat poop. Throughout the day, your dog may have many opportunities to consume this harmful substance. While we find the idea disgusting, dogs will crave and actively seek out animal feces. Pet experts say the dog really likes the taste. Other experts say it’s a combination of taste and vitamin deficiency. Feces can have a high concentration of protein, but there are also internal parasites, organisms such as Toxoplasma gondii are transmitted in some cat feces. This can cause the dog a variety of problems, including damage to the central nervous system and muscles.

Out in the park, on nature hikes in the woods, long walks around the neighborhood, even in your own backyard, your dog can find other animals’ poop. Almost anywhere you would take your dog there is a risk of him ingesting harmful parasites. Although it is impossible to protect your dog every minute of the day; it is important to discourage the practice whenever possible.

Dogs can experience mild symptoms such as fatigue, lack of appetite, fever and even vomiting when they have consumed even a moderate amount of feces. These symptoms are many times overlooked because they are difficult for the dog owner to diagnose, but many times when your dog is not himself; it is likely that he was exposed to parasites in the feces. In general, small doses of these parasites consumed usually do not show up in anything more than a dog that is packed. No appetite and no energy. These symptoms usually go away after about a day. Like a cold.

The more serious danger is present when pet owners have dogs and cats living together in the same home. This offers your dog a buffet of snacks that are readily available. Dogs that consume cat litter from a toilet are at high risk of serious internal damage and possibly even death. Cat litter contains some toxic ingredients that, when exposed to the inside of your dog’s stomach, will harden and cause blockages. Many dogs have lost their lives from intestinal obstruction.

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