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Click Training Your Dog: The Basics

Click Training Your Dog: The Basics

Although there are many types of dog training, clicker training can easily be recognized as one of the best. Using the clicker as your communication tool with your dog helps keep things simple and increases the effectiveness of your dog’s training. Here are some tips on how to effectively click train a dog:

Understand the basic concept

Clicker training is a form of training that uses positive reinforcement. It is important to remember this and use the clicker accordingly. Using the clicker at inappropriate times or without “loading” the clicker is ineffective and will only confuse your dog. Always remember that the clicker should only be used to reward good behavior.

Start by “Loading” the clicker

Before beginning any form of training, you must first help your dog associate the clicker with a reward. What you need to do is sit with your dog in a quiet place and have treats ready. Then proceed by pressing the click button and immediately give your dog a treat (since you’ll be doing this quite a few times, it’s best to do it when your dog is hungry). Don’t worry if your dog seems startled by the sound of the clicker at first, he will slowly get used to it. Repeat the click and heal process 10 to 20 times. To find out if your dog is ready for other forms of training, press the click button and watch your dog’s reaction. If your dog immediately pays attention to you and looks at your hand for a treat, your dog is ready to click.

Use Clicker for other forms of learning

Once your dog has associated the click sound with a treat, you can use it as a training tool for your dog. When your dog performs the behavior you want, immediately press the clicker and give your dog a treat (some people find that clicker training is helpful because they don’t have to give the dog a treat after they have “loaded” the clicks. This does not is true. Your dog will know you are deceiving him). Showering your dog with praise and affection as you give him the treat can further enhance the process. Make sure you time your clicks correctly; clicking too late can confuse your dog and slow down the training process. Press the click button immediately when your dog performs a desired action.

be patient

Your dog won’t always get things right right away, even with clicker training. Be patient and treat your dog like a small child. If your dog can’t seem to learn quickly, look back at your training methods. As mentioned, timing your clicks correctly is important. It is also important to keep training sessions short as dogs do not have very long attention spans. Overtraining your dog and pushing him too hard will only lead to failure and make your dog resent the training.

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