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Citronella dog collar – pros and cons

Citronella dog collar – pros and cons

If you own a dog that annoys the whole neighborhood with its annoying barking, you may have already spent some time searching for this magic solution and ended up coming across some websites touting the citronella dog collar as the most humane and most effective anti-barking collar. You find that everything sounds too good to be true and you wonder if it’s just another empty promise and trick to get your hard earned money. I agree that we should spend some time researching before spending a dollar, especially online.

Here are the pros why you should consider buying a citronella collar:

1. Citronella Dog Collar uses an all-natural citronella spray to stop dog barking, making it one of the safest anti-bark collars on the market today.
2. Since the citronella spray is safe for our dog, this collar is also a very humane way to stop the dog from overexerting itself.
3. Based on scientific research conducted at the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, a citronella dog collar is 88% effective at stopping or reducing excessive barking in dogs, while a dog shock collar is 44% effective at stopping or reducing excessive barking in dogs. of the dog barking.
4. When the bark detection module detects that our dog is barking, it automatically emits a citronella spray that ensures that the most important aspect of dog reformulation and correction is met – timing.
5. Many models of citronella collars can be remotely activated, making them very suitable for correcting many other problematic dog behaviors such as jumping on visitors, digging, chewing, running away and more.

Here are the cons that might make you want to reconsider your decision:

1. If used too often, our dog may eventually become accustomed to the smell of citronella.
2. We have to buy extra refills of citronella, which increases the total cost.
3. The citronella dog collar only works if our dog wears the collar.
4. Some users have reported mechanical issues with the device

Having said all that, it is clear that the benefits this collar offers are great and the drawbacks are really minor and can be easily overcome by putting in place a good training plan.

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