Cheshire Cat Quotes

Cheshire Cat Quotes

Cheshire Cat quotes can be found here!

Animal taxonomists would certainly raise their eyebrows when people refer to Cheshire cats as cats. They would say cats don’t exist. So where will the Cheshire Cat quotes come from? But wait, what are Cheshire cats and why are they popular these years?

The Cheshire Cat is not a real, live cat. It is a fictional cat, or some form of character resembling the physical form of a cat, in literature and figurative speech.

The Cheshire Cat was created and mentioned by classic author Lewis Carroll in his widely popular novel Alice in Wonderland. The cat caught the attention of readers and viewers of the film version because of the cryptic quotes it uttered. This is why Cheshire Cat quotes are popular!

Yes, in the fantasy novel, the fictional Cheshire Cat was even humanized, giving her the ability to think deeply and enlighten Alice through interesting and profound quotes.

Many lines in Alice in Wonderland are popular because people have a lot of fun with the Cheshire Cat’s funny quotes. This is why many literary reviews focus on the funny or funny Cheshire Cat quotes used in the novel.

Cheshire Cat Quotes

So it would be fun to look at some of the funny and sometimes cute quotes uttered by the Cheshire Cat in the novel. Reading these quotes would tickle your mind, but for Alice, the main character in the novel, the words were too boring.

In one instance, the Cheshire Cat told Alice that everyone was crazy. By this, analysts said that the quote means that every person in the world has his share of personal quirks and that this is characteristic of all people.

Some of the Cheshire Cat quotes were also so funny that they inspired other comedy writers to model some dialogue after some conversations between Alice and the Cheshire Cat in the novel. Among the famous Cheshire Cat quotes are those that put questions into circular questions.

For example, Alice would ask the cat a question. Through several exchanges of sentences, in the end it would be Alice who would ask the same questions she asked the Cheshire Cat to answer!

The figures of speech were apparently also used by various quotes from the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. For deep-thinking people, these metaphors and similes were beautifully crafted, making the novel more appealing. Some sympathize with Alice and find the words unmentionable and really annoying.

The famous smile

Besides famous Cheshire Cat quotes, the Cheshire Cat is also known as a devilish creature with a devilish smile. Note that in each spoken quote, the cat suddenly disappeared.

However, the disappearance of the Cheshire cat is almost always not complete. The cat’s often grinning mouth always stayed behind and remained talking to Alice even if the cat’s body was gone.

This famous smile also ends every interesting quote uttered by the Cheshire Cat. Fanatics of the novel would always argue that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would not be complete without the chance encounters with the cat.

The popularity of the Cheshire Cat

Although a fictional character, the Cheshire Cat has gained widespread popularity over the years. Many other books and stories have used the cat to portray funny characters, and quotes about the Cheshire Cat are always popular.

For example, cartoonist Walt Disney made the Cheshire Cat more colorful by giving it a pink color with a striped body. The emphasis on the mouth area is set because the smile and the quoted quotes give the cat its insightful and lovable character.

The Cheshire Cat has also been portrayed in a bad and good light in some other adaptations of Alice in Wonderland. In some the cat is a good character, but in others Cheshire has taken on an almost villain-like character.

Indeed, the cat, though fictional, receives great treatment not only in Alice in Wonderland but also in figurative language and literary reviews. The Cheshire Cat quotes are good enough to symbolize the deep cat’s trademark funny and annoying smile.

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