Change your cursor and get thousands of new mouse pointers

Change your cursor and get thousands of new mouse pointers

I spend a lot of time on my computer. It’s actually more hours than I’d like, but there are so many aspects of my life that are run by my computer that, for better or worse, I’m online a lot. I’ve done a lot to customize my PC, but only recently did the “change cursor” feature and customized the focus of all that work. Of all the different parts of your computer, the laptop keyboard, monitor, menus and windows, there is one main focus of all action that is certainly the most ignored. Ones mouse cursor may be the most taken-for-granted little piece of technology you use. It’s a wonder why it’s so rarely customized. Almost everyone still uses the traditional arrow pointer.

For me, that is no longer the case. Today I’m using a “next arrow” cursor which is multi-colored and animated in nature. It rocks and spins when I move it around and is really a brilliant image on my screen that is not only functional but also pretty cool. I change my cursor pretty routinely these days. I’ve used animal cursors, fancy arrows, a range of multi-colored shapes and icons, and of course my favorite are the holiday season cursors. This is all done using a toolbar in my browser that I downloaded for free. This toolbar gives me access to a huge number of free cursors that I can use at any time.

If you want to get a custom cursor, you have a few options. You can get graphic design software, design your own cursor image, and then figure out how to add it as a mouse image to your computer. Or you can purchase mouse cursor customization software from your local software store. But I wouldn’t recommend any of these. If you’re looking for the right place, you’ve found custom mouse cursors for free with the right download.

The important thing is to find this software, make sure it does what you need it to do, and it’s free. You will certainly find paid software on the market to customize the mouse pointer. My advice to you: don’t buy it! If all you’re looking for is animated mouse cursors, there’s a perfectly good free software package that takes just seconds to download, is safe, and free to use.

The particular toolbar I’m using also comes with a number of other features that I’ll point out but won’t go into, mainly due to the fact that I don’t use them much. There are custom wallpapers, avatars, screensavers and more, and they’re ideally where you want them, right at the top of your browser. However, as I said, I pretty much only use the custom cursors.

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer? Have you customized items like your desktop, wallpaper or screensaver? Then take the next logical step and perform a “cursor change” like I did!

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