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Cesar Millan – Whisper of Dogs

Cesar Millan – Whisper of Dogs

Do you watch TV? Of course you do. Everyone in the world does it and it’s even fun.

Now you will also find TV shows – which go through action – drama – soap opera and even science fiction or even fantasy.

There are also reality TV shows now. This usually shows the real thing from the stars or rather the people who are featured in the show.

One reality television show is known as Dog Whisperer, which stars a Mexican American self-taught expert dog trainer, Cesar Millan.

Let’s get to know this trainer better and eventually we will see how great his show is and when he really is a good dog trainer.

Cesar Millan came into this world in Mexico on or about August 27, 1969 and that he is a naturalized resident of the United States and an immigrant to the United States from Mexico.

Cesar Millan is a published author where he has written books on how to train hounds and how to study them so you can fully understand them a little better.

And to top it all off, Cesar Millan hosts the reality TV show known as Dog Whisperers.

This show shows dog trainer Cesar Millan and how he rehabilitates dogs.

This show started on September 13, 2004 and is currently in its sixth season on the National Geographic Channel.

This program basically covers Cesar Millan’s fascination with dogs and how he applies his point of view “healthy, balanced dogs require strong ‘pack leadership’ from their owners, especially in terms of exercise, discipline and love” not to mention, provides all hope that dogs can be trained in one way or another.

Also, the show shows how loyal the dogs really are, not to mention how effective Cesar Millan is as a dog trainer or while training the dogs during the show. How he allows your dog to do things like fetch as well as letting the dogs get something and ultimately, Cesar Millan, will train the dog both physically and mentally – which of course will affect the dogs behavior, with other words, the biggest factors in any pet’s behavior.

The show has – as of now – 11 million American viewers each week.

The show opens with a statement that reads, “Do not attempt the techniques you will see without consulting a professional.”

Finally, the audience is introduced to the dog or different types of dogs, not to mention the dog’s owners, and eventually it will become a home movie style video.

This reality TV show is funny and sometimes dramatic – it shows how much love a person can give to a dog.

But then again – this show is watched by 11 million Americans (alone) every week on the National Geographic Channel.

It could be good or bad – but again it shows Cesar Millan’s “gift” and “extraordinary spirit” in his dog training.

Cesar Millano and his show Dog Whisperer gives people hope and a sort of reassurance and yes, to prove the old quote wrong – old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

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