Cats – Dogs – Pets and fleas

Cats – Dogs – Pets and fleas

Fleas and pets often co-exist. The little dark bug drinks blood and in the process can cause disease, transmit disease, annoy your cat or dog and can affect families.

It is vital that you act quickly to resolve the issue. The life of a flea is a month or more, which means that if you are late, a whole new generation of pests will appear.

First, determine if there is a flea problem. If your cat or dog scratches frequently, fleas may be the cause. Fleas often jump, so you can see them if you place a cloth where they are expected. They can become visible as they move (a light cloth works best to show the small dark insects).

These insects have four parts of their life called egg, grub or larvae, pupa and adult. The eggs are laid by the female after feeding (on blood). Larvae and pupae are the pre-adult stages when the insect is ready to attack, bite, feed and lay a few more eggs to start all over again.

Since the cat or dog got the bugs from somewhere, you may also need to check any outside places your pet frequents or any other animals your dog or cat may come into contact with. Even one place or animal with insects can spread it again to everyone, so it is very important to be vigilant.

It is critical to act quickly by stopping the insect’s life cycle. In the egg stage, simply brushing the dog or cat’s fur with a fine-toothed comb can help dislodge the eggs. However, eggs can land on surfaces, so you should make sure to thoroughly vacuum any area that the cat or dog may have visited.

If you already have fleas, you should consider exterminating your pet’s bedding. Also, although vigorous cleaning can take care of the problem, you may want to steam clean furniture and carpets to get rid of any remaining fleas and eggs.

The best situation is to never have fleas! Prevention is the best option and you can do that by looking for problems before they become serious. Remember these guidelines and you’ll improve your cat or dog’s health and yours – and you won’t have an uninvited guest!

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