Cat towers can be found for every home

Cat towers can be found for every home

Cat towers are a must for any home with cats. Today’s designs are designed to fit seamlessly into any home.

Cat towers have existed for decades in homes around the world. Anyone who owns a cat most likely has one sitting in the corner of their house being adored by their feline friends. Unfortunately, the two-legged members of the household often hate the look of the tower. Fortunately, times are changing.

As interior design becomes more standard, everyone wants their house to look its best, from bathrooms to pet toys, everything needs to be coordinated. Pet designers take this into consideration and design cat towers accordingly to match any type of interior decor.

Instead of being your basic two-tiered blue and green monsters in the corner, today’s towers come in any shape, material, and color a customer could desire. Whether your house is a classic beach house or a luxurious New York loft, you can find a home for your cats that will fit your style and not stand out.

Cat towers can be found in every style imaginable. Some come as miniature single-level pieces, in neutral tones that are designed to be almost invisible in most houses. In addition, others are available such as fifteen foot tall, multi-level, beasts that can fill a room. What you buy depends on your taste and how many cats you have.

If you’re a one-cat household, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the latest toy for your cat. However, if you have several cats in your household, you will most likely need to buy a larger tower to accommodate all of your cats. A few cats will need more cat towers to keep everyone happy and prevent cat fights from breaking out in your house. This can also be avoided by purchasing a larger one with at least one cat level.

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