Cat scratching posts – offer your cat a nice place to scratch away from your furniture

Cat scratching posts – offer your cat a nice place to scratch away from your furniture

A few weeks ago you decided it would be a good idea to adopt a kitten. The kids just adore the little guy, but you’re starting to wonder because every chance he gets, he attacks your furniture with his front paws like nobody’s business. So to prevent it from ruining your furniture, you’ll need to give it something else to destroy, and that’s where cat scratching posts come into play.

Not quite sure what cat scratching posts are because you’re a first-time cat owner? Well, not really much to them. Basically, they are designed to be placed on the floor and have a base with, you guessed it, a pole sticking out of it. The whole unit will usually be made from a stronger wood and then covered with a material that can withstand your kitty pawing at it every day. The most commonly used material is the carpet. This is the most basic one you can get because there are actually others you can buy. For example, you can get one that has sisal rope wrapped around the post instead of the carpet. And there are others that also have hanging toys built right into them at the top.

If you like the idea of ​​giving your kitty something to play with but think cat combs won’t do the trick, don’t worry. In fact, there are many other cat items that you can buy for your cat to help him get rid of all his energy. For example, you can buy a kitten gym for him. This item is like a large structure that comes with intertwining limbs, perches and tunnels, offering your little guy a great place to jump, run and even sleep if he wants, because like the scratching posts, it will also be covered with carpet that would provide your cat with a comfortable place to feel at ease. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you can also buy a wide variety of toys for your little companion. It has catnip toys, others that are mechanical and move on the floor by themselves, and many, many more.

For an easy way to check out cat scratching posts and all the other pet items you can buy for your companion, the thing to do is to go online and comparison shop. With just a simple drag and click of the computer mouse, you can see everything that is there. Plus, finding the best possible prices is also easy, and what you buy will be shipped right to you. This way, there is no time or money wasted on a trip to the store.

After all, if your kitty likes to scratch your furniture, give him a better alternative with cat scratching posts. One would definitely be a smart investment.

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