Cat litter build-up is an effective way to control litter in the toilet

Cat litter build-up is an effective way to control litter in the toilet

The cat litter pile was one of the first inventions in cat litter technology after its long-time predecessor, the simple clay cat litter. Over the years, this toilet has improved in both odor control and clumping factor, making it one of the most popular and long-lasting litter box solutions on the market.

As the technology has improved, the bonding has also improved, meaning that the lumps themselves are firmer and do not fall apart. This makes it much easier to clean cat boxes and reduce or eliminate odor because the litter is completely encapsulated in clay (often with odor control elements such as perfumes or silica included) and can be completely removed simply by running a scoop through a box and sifting out the lumps for disposal in a dumpster.

Littering is also one of the most cost-effective cat litters, as owners can fill the litter box completely and remove only the soiled litter, leaving only fresh, clean litter, so there is never any waste. Many cat owners like this because the entire box almost never needs to be replaced. Therefore, there is no waste of clean litter and every bit of litter is used. As a result, you buy waste less often than you would if you had to replace the entire box.

From an environmental point of view, it is also quite cost effective as only the lumps of waste are removed and therefore the volume used is much less. With traditional clay litters, an entire box is usually replaced (often up to 10 pounds or more at a time), although some “clean” litters remain. However, the entire box must be changed just to control the odor, resulting in a loss of clean litter.

Bulk litter is also very easily available in the market and you can find it almost anywhere. Unlike some of the more specialized litters, like pine cat litter, you don’t need to buy it online or at a specialty pet store. Because of this, it is also usually quite a bit cheaper than some specialty litters. Competition means that prices must remain relatively reasonable.

Of course, one of the environmental disadvantages is that it has to be disposed of in a dumpster, which of course contributes to landfill waste. Regardless, there will be some kind of waste and environmental impact when you have a cat litter; pile litter is no more wasteful than other types of litter, and in some cases less wasteful, than traditional clay litter.

Therefore, of all the types of litter on the market today, piled litter is both the most popular and probably the most cost-effective of all litters today. This is still a litter that most cats “prefer” because the texture is soft enough that cats don’t mind and will use it faithfully. Because of their natural propensity to dig and scratch, cat litter accumulation also allows them to bury their waste as they would naturally in the wild. And of course, owners also like this type of cat litter because it’s good at controlling odor and makes cleaning the litter box relatively easy. Therefore, of all the litter boxes available on the market today, the cat litter box may be the most useful overall.

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