Cat combs – these provide your pet with a pleasant place to scratch

Cat combs – these provide your pet with a pleasant place to scratch

The new fluffy cat you brought into your home loves to do one thing and that is to scratch your furniture as much as possible. So, you need a way to keep him from ruining your furniture, well, turn to cat scratching posts to solve the problem.

Cat scratching posts will provide your cat with a wonderful place to scratch. The reason is in the design of this cat furniture, as it simply sits on a pedestal and has a pole that sticks up into the air. The pedestal on which the pole stands will be weighted so that the entire unit does not fall over and one will usually be made of some type of wood and then covered with a durable fabric such as carpet. There are some options that are even made with sisal rope instead of just carpet, giving your cat even better paw and play.

And speaking of places for your cat to play, there are many more options than simple cat scratching posts. For example, maybe your cat likes to run around and jump on things, especially your furniture. Well, you can give him his own special place to play by buying him a cat tree. It has the same type of shape as a real tree and is made of wood and usually carpeted, just like scratching posts. Your kitty may jump from limb to limb to have a good time. Or, if you want to give your kitty an even better place to play, you can purchase a kitty gym. This selection is like a more extravagant version of a cat tree, as in addition to limbs it also comes with perches, ramps, tunnels, hanging hammocks and even hanging toys built right into them. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with but want your furry companion to have something nice to play with, you can always get him toys like these motorized mice that move across the floor all by themselves or other toys that have cat grass.

If you want to pamper your cat, you should not only look for cat scratching posts for him, but also other luxurious cat furniture such as a fancy place to put the litter box. In fact, there are selections that will close his litter box so he can have some privacy when he does his business. There are also perches that you can put on the windows of your home so that he has a nice place to enjoy the view of the outdoors and even cat fences to keep your cat in your yard if he goes outside. For a nice way to see all these feline items, just turn on your computer and shop online. It’s an easy way to check things out, and when you decide on something, you can usually get it for a pretty reasonable price.

After all, if your cat likes to scratch, provide him with a wonderful place to do just that with cat scratching posts. One would be a good way to make sure your furniture doesn’t get ruined.

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