Cat breed – Burmila

Cat breed – Burmila

A variety of domestic cat of the Asiatic cat species, the burmilla (sometimes called “tiffany”) is the result of an accidental crossbreeding of two other breeds, namely the Burmese and Persian chinchillas; it had its origins in the UK and was first produced in 1981, but had to wait another 10 or more years before it was officially given champion status.

These cats are medium-sized, with a strong build, small muzzles, a round-shaped face, and large, lively eyes in shades of brilliant green, blue, and even yellow or amber in the kitten stage; the black variety of Burmillas has a dark eyeliner. Their ears are large and rounded and they have reddish-pink noses (some varieties have black noses).

Burmillas come in three grades of coat length: the most common type has a soft, silky shorthair coat; the long-haired Burmilla, produced by a recessive gene, has smooth, shiny fur that lies close to the skin and a long, lush tail; the third variety is known as the “plush”, similar to the shorthair but with a thicker, woolly coat.

Burmilla fur colors are many and varied and include: blue, black, brown, deep brown and gray-pink; Red, yellowish-white and tortoiseshell varieties are also produced. A silver or golden undercoat is the norm for this breed; In terms of pattern, their coat can be either hatched (the coat is one-quarter colored), tipped (a fine powder color on the undercoat), or smoky (a solid color coat with a soft, whitish base to each individual hair).

Burmila’s personality is inquisitive, independent and warm without being overly friendly; they are kittens and are active even in adulthood; getting along well with other pets and small children, they can live up to 15 years or more. In terms of health, they are very hardy and hardy and have little trouble being suitable as pets for families or elderly owners as they require little attention and grooming (once a week).

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