Carapanauba and alternative health

Carapanauba and alternative health

In South America, not everyone observes Western rituals of medicine and healing. The indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest, for example, have used natural resources for centuries to alleviate minor and serious illnesses and injuries. The lush forests of Brazil provide many trees, plants and herbs for alternative medicine. One such tree is Aspidorperma Nitidumfrom which the popular herb carapanauba is obtained.

What is Carapanauba?

Carapanauba is a byproduct of this huge tree that is more common in the southern parts of the rainforest. Carapanauba is extracted from the bark of the tree, which can be ground and eaten to improve the body’s ability to heal itself.

What’s so great about Carapanauba?

When taken properly, Carapanauba can benefit people suffering from blood sugar and digestive problems. Taken naturally, Carapanauba bark has a bitter taste, but the natives of the Amazon used it to treat liver problems, diabetes and indigestion. Because Carapanauba is believed to be anti-inflammatory, it is also used to treat swelling and edema.

Does Carapanauba cure disease?

Despite the benefits and relief experienced by the natives, Carapanauba is not considered a cure for diabetes, liver disease, or other serious ailments. Carapanauba is primarily used as a supplement to support the body’s ability to enhance its own natural restorative properties. Anyone interested in trying Carapanauba as a supplement should first seek medical advice.

Where can you buy Carapanauba?

Carapanauba can be found as an ingredient in supplements sold in alternative health stores. While shopping, you may find many stores on the Internet that sell products containing Carapanauba. Pay attention to labels when shopping and make sure supplements contain only the purest form of Carapanauba straight from the Amazon rainforest. Also, be careful to note side effects when taking the supplement.

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