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Camping tours and travel in Tanzania

Camping tours and travel in Tanzania

A camping tour in Tanzania is one of the best adventures you’ve probably never experienced. To begin with, almost all campsites are built near game parks and game reserves where you can see views of wildlife. The most famous camping tour in Tanzania is in the Serengeti National Park. The annual wildlife migration has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world in recent years. During this time, millions of wildebeest migrate to the plains of the Serengeti for greener pastures. However, the herbivores are accompanied by big cats such as lions, cheetahs and leopards that hunt them for food.

While on a camping tour in Tanzania, you will observe the big five including birds, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, gazelles, ostriches and also hyenas. This will also include a hot air balloon flight in the Serengeti Park where you will observe the entire wildlife population while taking your photos. Different animals and birds make different noises and have different characteristics. Spending your nights in camps and being close to wildlife will help you learn, understand their behavior and recognize their noise. As you drive and walk through the bush and forest, the guide will show you roots and leaves that are used to treat certain ailments.

The camping tour in Tanzania will also include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which is located between the border of Kenya and Tanzania. It will be extremely pleasant to climb the highest peak in Africa for the first time. Tanzania also has many game reserves, national parks and campsites. Therefore, you will have a variety to choose from depending on your budget. Other attractions you can afford to miss include the Ngorongoro Crater, the white sand beaches of Zanzibar, the birds and the lakes. The game parks and game sanctuaries are well preserved and free from human destruction. This greatly contributed to the increase in the population of wild animals.

The local people are friendly and you will freely mingle with different tribes and learn their culture. Various tribes will entertain you with songs and dances in camps at night. The food will be prepared over an open fire by professional chefs. You will also have champagne and other drinks to relax and refresh your mind. The camps also have pools where you can swim and relax. You will also have time to tour Arusha and Dar es Salaam, where you will shop. Most vehicles have pop-up sunroofs to allow ideal views of the wildlife. Book your camping tour today and experience the natural beauty of Tanzania.

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