Building a Healthy Relationship – How to Have a Richer, Fuller, and More Satisfying Life Experience

Building a Healthy Relationship – How to Have a Richer, Fuller, and More Satisfying Life Experience

Building a healthy relationship is such a worthy goal. So many people just drift through life and their relationship experience suffers as a result.

They can be like two strangers living together, just going through the motions of daily activity, without any real connection to each other and without any elements of a healthy relationship.

This could mean that a couple gets together and before they know it, they have children. Given the time and effort required to raise children, this is their priority.

Building a healthy relationship doesn’t even come into the equation. Children grow up and leave home, and couples find themselves in an empty nest wondering what to do with themselves living in an unhappy marriage. There are no signs of a healthy relationship.

It wasn’t long before grandchildren filled the void. Now that is their focus and life goes on as usual and no sign of a healthy relationship exists.

It is easy to identify people in this situation, especially as they get older. They are the ones you see in restaurants or coffee shops, sitting across from each other and barely saying a word to each other. They look lost and lonely.

Whereas when people’s goal is to build a healthy relationship, their experience in life is completely different. That means it’s their priority, everything else fits in around them. They see each other as someone special.

This means that couples make time for each other, not allowing the distractions of life, such as work and having children, to take precedence over this primary concern.

They always communicate, know how the other feels and manage their lives. They eat together and organize special moments like going to the cinema or the theater and spending time together. They have a very strong bond.

Building a healthy relationship also means that each person has full respect for the other. There is no room for malice, aggravation or resentment in such an arrangement.

These last traits are some of the characteristics of unhealthy relationships that eat away at people and can literally lead to ill health.

Not only that, but people can just feel so awful in general, and many people get stuck in these situations when patterns are established, and they end up in an unhappy marriage.

This can make their experience of life very depressing. In my opinion, life is too short to stay in such circumstances, especially when there are opportunities to build a healthy relationship.

They don’t know or realize they have a choice. They should not stay in this type of relationship. Alternatively, they could see a professional to help them make the necessary changes to have the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

If a couple is to do this, it is crucial that they are aware of their motivations for any satisfactory outcome.

Other aspects of building a healthy relationship include recognizing that each person in the relationship has equal status.

This means that there is no one in charge in the relationship. It is a partnership between two equals. I realize there will be some who will disagree with this opinion based on beliefs you may have, your understanding of scripture or whatever.

When I shared this view with a group of Mormons to whom I was asked to give a talk, I received a standing ovation in response.

When each person has the same status, it means that there is no longer room for certain roles in the relationship, which is usually to the detriment of the woman without signs of a healthy relationship.

Now building a healthy relationship is demonstrated by each person sharing household and parenting responsibilities.

Now, when men participate in these activities, it is not seen as helping, leading to the conclusion that the man is helping the woman to do what is considered her responsibility.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that when we talk about building a healthy relationship this way, it makes a big difference in how we can all experience life.

This is for everyone’s benefit. It’s a real win/win. This results in us all having more fulfilling, richer and more fulfilling lives.

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