Building a collection of collectibles

Building a collection of collectibles

Collectibles are those items that can turn a house into a home. Many people don’t feel “at home” until they are surrounded by their belongings, and many of these belongings include past collectibles. Collecting cherished memories of past events leaves reminders of that event each time they are viewed. They often bring a sense of happiness and peace, and most always bring a smile to the face of the one who remembers the cherished event that the collector’s collection evokes.

Maybe you want to start a collector’s collection. It’s really not hard at all, and you probably already have the beginnings of one right now. Any items you have that symbolize a past event can be used to start a collection. Maybe your grandmother gave you a small figurine for your graduation or wedding. This little figurine means a lot to you and you always think of it when you see it. Find more like this; often times figurines are made for collectible value, meaning the artist creates many different types to symbolize different events. If you’ve had children since then, get a figurine for each of them and add them to your collection. Birthdays, holidays and other special events are great times to add to any collection. Every time you see this collectible, you’re sure to remember the event it symbolizes.

Collectibles are also a great way to feel closer to those you love who may not be so close anymore. If you received a special item from your parents, who now live hundreds of miles away, that item can mean the world to you simply because of who gave it to you. A common misconception is that collectibles are expensive. This is simply not true. The idea behind collectibles is to evoke a cherished memory from the past, not drain your wallet. Collectibles can be anything from small hand-carved figurines to stuffed animals and even wind chimes. Anything you want can be a collectible. The possibilities are endless because the whole concept behind collectibles is that they are something that makes you happy, reminding you of loved ones and cherished past events that you hold close to your heart.

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