Boston Terrier – things to consider before buying a dog

Boston Terrier – things to consider before buying a dog

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, and there’s good reason for this review of our canine brethren. Boston Terriers are no exception to this rule. They are highly bred as companion dogs and feature both friendly and strong personalities. Like many dog ​​breeds, Boston Terriers are always eager to please their owners, have been shown to be fairly easy to train and have higher than normal intelligence.

Please note that Boston Terriers are quite a demanding breed of dog to own. They crave a lot of attention and are known to have a lot of energy. Bostons are also known to be very inquisitive dogs, which can lead to problems such as running away and also while being walked off the lead. They are a relatively easy dog ​​to maintain as they are small in size and have a short coat which helps to keep the dog clean and tidy. Note that Boston Terriers are well known for being sensitive to temperature, special care should be taken when exercising the dog in the heat. The same rules apply to the winter months, some examples of the breed seem to handle extremes like snow quite well, while others don’t.

Overall, the Boston is a very bright and bouncy breed that shouldn’t cause too many problems for owners. It should be noted, however, that due to their own intelligence, they don’t always respond well to typical dog training methods such as scolding.

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