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Boston Terrier – Facts You Should Know Before Adopting a Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier – Facts You Should Know Before Adopting a Boston Terrier

Think you’re ready to train your new puppy? Here you will find helpful dog training tips that are sure to make the most of your new puppy.

The Boston Terrier is known as the American Gentleman because their spots often resemble a tuxedo. They are short-headed, compact, well-balanced breeds that weigh an average of 10-25 pounds and stand an average of 15-17 inches tall.

A coat

The Boston Terrier has a short, fine coat that does not shed as much. They are usually black and white, brindle and white, brown and white, or for some red and white. White covers the belly, chest, around the neck and up the middle of the face, across the nose. They may also have white paws.


A long daily walk with off-leash free play sessions in a securely fenced yard is all a Boston Terrier needs to stay happy. Somewhat inactive indoors, they could do well without a yard. This terrier is sensitive to extreme weather conditions.


The Boston Terrier has a friendly disposition. They can range in temperament from those who want to please their masters to those who are stubborn. Both can be easily trained, provided the owner is patient and persistent. Originally bred for fighting, this breed was later bred for companionship. Today this terrier is alert, expressive, gentle and well behaved.


As the name suggests, the Boston Terrier originated in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally weighing 44 pounds, this breed was bred from bull and pit fighting terrier types.


The Boston Shorthair Terrier is relatively easy to groom. A good brush with a stiff bristle brush is required. Bathing should only be done when necessary. Dab the face with a damp cloth to clean the bulging eyes, it should be done daily. Constantly check the eyes and ears for grass seeds and ticks. Nail trimming should be done from time to time.


Boston Terriers are easy to train. They are ready to please, passionate learners and quick-witted. However, they are quite slow when it comes to housebreaking. But they do it faster than many other breeds. They are highly sensitive to tone of voice, so speaking harshly to this breed will frustrate them. They require proper socialization at an early age as males can sometimes be territorial. Small treats and praise are great for this breed as they are more responsive to positive reinforcement than discipline.

The happy Boston Terrier is ready to learn and eager to please. Be consistent and spend at least a few minutes training this dog every day. Never extend the training period too long or they will get bored. Mixing it up and working on one command for a few minutes, then switching to another on the next one, is highly recommended. Owners should always keep in mind that this is fun and that this terrier wants to please them. It is advisable to turn the workout into a fun game that you both enjoy so that neither of you gets bored.


Boston Terriers are small, compact, sturdy, but not at all delicate or fragile. This breed is kind and gentle. A high-spirited, playful and active type of dog, they are a wonderful combination of balance, strength, grace and determination.

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