Best Jobs For Teens – Mini Home Business Opportunities

Best Jobs For Teens – Mini Home Business Opportunities

LIVESTOCK can be a source of high income. Pedigree dogs and other pets command high prices today. It is important to start with the right stock and follow the instructions given in the manuals available at local public libraries. Two females mated at different times of the year can turn out to be winners. People from all walks of life earn good income from breeding not only dogs but also cats, canaries, budgies etc. but dog breeding is particularly profitable. Whatever type of animal you choose to breed, it’s worth aiming for the unusual, such as bowties, Persian cats, Chinese hamsters, etc. Sell ​​through classified ads in local newspapers and the Sunday Times.

BASKETWORK AND STICKWORKING can be successful if you maintain a good standard of workmanship. Use bright enamel paints for finishes and stick to standard designs and items. Research the market and offer your items on sale or return to gift and novelty shops, boutiques, women’s exchanges, etc. Basketry and other raffia woven goods, needs, etc. are liked by many people. Popular items are lampshades, baskets, coasters, trays,

COMMISSION BUYING AND SELLING – Start with an outbuilding or warehouse until you can get a small shop. No knowledge of your goods is required. Get 15% to 25% commission on everything you sell. Suppose a customer brings in a table, chair or camera for which he wants a certain price. When you find a buyer, you notify your client, who receives the money and pays your commission. Your only costs are for space and classified ads. Furniture, televisions, cameras, typewriters, baby carriages sell well.

INVISIBLE REWEAVING – This service is popular and rewarding because it saves expensive clothes at a significantly lower cost than it would take to replace them. It has a particularly large reach in the small neighborhoods of the community. Various firms assisting home operators advertise in the “Exchange & Mart”, notably the Invisible Mending Co., Shaftesbury Avenue, Piccadilly Circus, London. W.1 and British Invisible Mending Service, 1 Hinde Street, London. W.1.

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