Before you follow the advice of any horse fitting advisor, consider these guidelines

Before you follow the advice of any horse fitting advisor, consider these guidelines

Today, there are so many horse lick tipsters on the Internet selling their lick tips. Some are really good, some are good sometimes, while others are poor and some, INCREDIBLY poor. This situation puts any player who wants to subscribe to these tips for non-professionals in a bit of a dilemma. We hope this article will help you successfully choose a good, PROFITABLE horse placing advisor.


1) Years of experience

It’s not hard at all to find losing horses from a handful of horse races – GREAT REFERENCE! Much more important is longevity. I’m not just talking about 6 months or even 1 year, NO, look for at least 5 years of experience. In this situation, less is definitely NOT more!

2) MAXIMUM odds

All horse placement advisors should ALWAYS instruct you on the MAX mods you should not exceed when placing any of their placement tips. This is important because, say, for example, that the loss rate of a certain selection is, say, 50%, you want to make sure that the odds you place the horse on have a higher probability than the odds of 50% , in which case it will be even (2.00 decimal odds) or less. If not, in the long run you will be screwed and lose money.

3) Does the Lay Advice Service protect its clients

Some tipping services may have very good strike rates along with good consistent profits, but they MUST take the necessary steps to protect their clients. If NO, it cannot be classified as a “full package”.

Availability of liquidity and ratios is an integral element of any retail advisory service, sometimes a retail advisory service will not have any control over this. However, they can and SHOULD constantly monitor price availability on betting exchanges and, where necessary, stop turning off new customers BEFORE the situation becomes a problem.

4) The betting bank developed around the survival of the worst historical sequence

First and foremost, the horse betting specialist should recommend how big your betting bank should be, this should be a figure based on the worst historical period of results going back at least 5 years. It’s not, not even close to, an exception for a horse advisor to just pluck a figure out of thin air, then a lot more thought needs to be given to it. Remember, your hard earned money is at stake here!

5) Reliable

I know this may be difficult to assess, but is the lay advice service reliable? Perhaps email them with any questions you may have about their horse boarding service, do you feel confident in their response? What I will say is that if they’ve ticked ALL the right boxes so far, it’s very likely that they’re a very professional outfit and you probably won’t have any trust issues.


The last criteria you should be looking for, OK, the first really… Does the horse betting service actually make a profit for its customers? This final criterion can only be truly established when and ONLY when the above criteria are met.

So, have you found a simple advice service that, based on the above, can be considered a FULL PACKAGE? If not, keep looking, if YES, congratulations and let the good times roll.

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