Beagle training – how to choose a good beagle companion!

Beagle training – how to choose a good beagle companion!

Now that you are considering getting a beagle as a companion, you may be tempted to look at some puppies first and choose the one with the behavior you want. But here’s a better tactic… try looking for a beagle that compliments your personality. Look for a pet that is the picture of what you have planned and that can relate to you. Age isn’t really an issue most of the time. Beagles may have typical characteristics, but there are exceptions to all rules. These tips can help you find a good beagle companion.

Submissive or dominant?

Find a puppy or adult that has a personality that matches your own characteristics and your experience. If you have experience with more independent beagles, then a more dominant, independent beagle may work for you. However, if you are not aggressive or are not used to working with hounds, a more docile animal may be a better choice for you. When looking at puppies or beagle puppies, hold one and turn it over on its back. A dominant beagle will fight you, trying to turn right away. If he struggles, try to comfort him. If it is established easily, it is more docile. If he doesn’t fight at all and just relaxes, you have a very docile beagle.

A Beagle that fits your personality

Being relatively quiet and low-maintenance, a Beagle is better for you if you yourself are calmer and more soothing. If you have an active life, you may find that a more active hyper beagle is more your style. If you will be away a lot of the time and your beagle will be in a kennel during that time, you want to find one that is somewhat independent and won’t suffer from separation anxiety.

You also want your Beagle companion to be intelligent and eager to please. This will help you teach him what you want him to know and he will want to learn the skills and perform them. If you’re taking your beagle out in public, you don’t want one with a fearful bite or one that’s aggressive towards strangers. Naturally, this will come with regular interaction with the beagle, but a smarter beagle will pick up cues from you when determining who is “bad” and who is friend.

Develop your own language

Beagles can make excellent companions with the right personality type for your needs. Also, while many people think that only puppies can be trained, this is false. Many older beagles are rescued from kennels every day and are fairly easy to train. The key to finding a well-behaved companion is to bond with them. When you bond with your beagle, he will take care of your needs. They will want to anticipate what you want and will even try to find new ways to communicate with you. If you’re perceptive, you and your beagle can invent your own language, making for a great companion.

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