Beach Cruiser Bikes – They’re BAAAAck! And better than ever!

Beach Cruiser Bikes – They’re BAAAAck! And better than ever!

Beach Cruiser bikes are available in 1 speed and 3 speed, have an excellent seat with bubble tires and a steel frame. Bicycle styles vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. These bicycles originally appeared during the depression in America. Schwinn wanted to sell more adult bikes and decided to make a lower priced bike that was sturdy. The first beach cruiser made by Schwinn was called the Aero Cycle. The bike was an instant success.

After World War II, the country fell in love with Schwinn. Schwinn’s huge success led other bike manufacturers to add things to their bikes. Customizations to the cruiser range from fringed saddlebags to chrome finishes all over the bike. They remained popular into the 1950s

Then came 1960 and sales of cruisers declined. Suddenly, America had more important things on its mind. This decline continued into the 1970s. Then in 1980 cruisers began to return to success. It started small and many people laughed at the people who bought these bikes and thought they were a joke. Then, in the 1990s, the beach cruiser craze exploded. The joke is over. Everyone loved these bikes.

Today, beach cruisers are making a comeback in a big way. These bikes are just like the original, but lighter than mountain bikes and more affordable for the most part. The style and comfort offered by these bikes have not changed over the decades. Schwinn brought these bikes back for their 100th anniversary and started redesigning beach cruisers like crazy.

Roadmaster and Harley Davidson soon followed and started making their own version of this bike. In a way, the popular motorcycle that looks like a motorcycle or chopper is a cousin of cruisers. Cruisers have become so popular that many towns have started holding a “beach cruiser day” where everyone shows up on their own beach cruiser bike.

Cruisers became popular thanks to the baby boomers and because they offer a much more comfortable ride. Beach cruisers have become such a rage that there’s even an exercise bike designed to give you the cruiser feel.

There is now a very competitive market for cruisers for men, women and children in a variety of styles and colors including pink, turquoise and yellow. People have started exercising more and instead of expensive gym memberships, they are turning to bicycles, and more specifically, cruiser bicycles for a more comfortable and easy ride. This fact alone helps the cruiser climb back into center stage. Cruisers are a common sight in many cities across the country, indicating that many Americans have enjoyed cruising. Beach Cruiser bikes are back with a vengeance and here to stay.

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