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Basic puppy training – what you need to know

Basic puppy training – what you need to know

Basic puppy training can be difficult unless you know what’s on your list, and the list should include:

Puppy Home: If you have prepared a crate for him, be sure the size will make him feel comfortable. Look at the type of dog you would like to bring home with you so you can know the size of the crate you would provide. If you select a cell, it will be the same thing – always the size.

Puppy bed: If you can afford to buy a puppy bed, that would be fine, but if not, comfortable mats will give him the comfort he needs. Basic puppy training aims to educate puppies with the type of cleanliness you would like them to grow up with. Make sure they are always clean and tidy as small dogs need to be trained to live in clean and tidy quarters to prevent diseases and fleas that can harm their health. Change the bedding as often as you can to prevent bad odors from permeating throughout the house; stays with the fabric of any upholstered seat, curtains or table runners.

Puppy Food: Puppy food should be ready to eat at the right time. If you don’t feed them at a certain time, it can make them feel restless and whine the rest of the time. Basic puppy training can teach your pet about the schedules you want him to learn. Whenever you want to teach him something, make sure you do it right on schedule. They will learn to follow this and it will be part of the daily routine they will have.

Food containers: These should be useful and should be placed in a place where you want to find it. This will tell him that you want an organized house, organized time keeping and much more, an organized crate or cage. Water bowls or food bowls should be constantly cleaned as you put food on them several times a day.

Basic puppy training can make you feel crazy once the puppy is good. Watch the puppy if he tends to chew on your furniture; a simple NO may work to make him understand that you don’t approve of the idea of ​​destroying things that are inside the house. Instead, give him a toy and teach him how to bite it.

Vaccinations: Make sure the puppy gets his shots to keep him healthy and also to protect against disease. Rabies vaccines are for his protection and for the protection of other people. It can be rewarding to own a healthy dog ​​instead of a whiny and unhappy one.

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