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Basic dog grooming tips you need to know

Basic dog grooming tips you need to know

Brush your dog often.

Brushing will stimulate the oiliness of your pets skin and keep it moist and healthy. Brushing will prevent your dogs coat from becoming matted. Brushing is a great way to show your dog attention. Brushing eliminates dead hairs in the coat that contribute to shedding.

Maintain the length of your dogs nails.

You can walk your dog frequently to wear down the nails. Trim your dogs nails regularly. If cut too short, they can bleed and sting. Groomers usually charge a little less than vets for nail trimming. If you think your dog is going to be aggressive about having its nails trimmed, it’s best to take it to the vet.

Bathe your dog regularly.

Buy dog ​​shampoos and conditioners from pet stores. Do not use flea and tick shampoos unless your pet needs them, they can dry out your pets skin. Be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly, leaving soap on the skin can cause problems. Bathing a dog with knots and mats will make them worse, be sure to remove them before or immediately after the bath.

When drying your dog, use low heat. Dogs are sensitive to scalding, keep this in mind while adjusting the water temperature. Bathing your dog will reduce the chances of flea and tick infestation. Put cotton in your dog’s ears before bathing. Often water in the ears can lead to ear infections. By washing away dead hair, regular bathing reduces shedding in your dogs coat.

Keep your dogs ears clean.

Do this with a dog ear cleaner purchased at any pet store. Put a small amount of ear cleaner on a cotton swab and clean the outer surface of the inner ear. Keeping your dogs ears clean and dry will reduce the chance of ear infections and ear mites. You can also purchase ear wipes from any pet store to keep your dogs ears clean.

Groomers and veterinarians can also clean your pets’ ears for you. Many long-haired dogs have hair in their ears that needs to be pulled out to prevent ear infections. This hair can be gently pulled with hemostats. Most people leave this to their groomer or vet.

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