Bark Off Review – Does it work like the TV commercial?

Bark Off Review – Does it work like the TV commercial?

I saw a TV commercial for the Bark Off anti-barking device and wondered if it really worked. I searched and found a great Bark Off review site and decided to give it a try.

I ordered it online. It came pretty quickly. I read the instructions, put in the batteries and waited for my dog ​​to start barking. I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as he barked, I pressed the button. He immediately stopped and looked around. He seemed confused as to what was making the sound. I didn’t hear anything.

I turned off the Bark Off and he laid back down on the back of the couch. After a few minutes the gas meter reader drove by and he started barking. I pressed the button again and it stopped. It was like having a bark bark remote control. I couldn’t help but laugh. I turned it off after a few seconds and it settled back down.

I kept the bark stop device next to me during the day and when he started barking I used it until he stopped barking. As soon as it stopped, I turned it off.

It took about three to four days of training and my dog ​​seems fully trained on when and when not to bark. I was really surprised how well Bark Off worked and how fast the training was.

I was in my backyard one day when something set off my neighbor’s dogs and they started barking. I remember reading some reviews of people using them to train their neighbors dogs not to bark. I took the bark out of my pocket and tried it. I couldn’t see the dogs to see their reaction, but the German Shepherd stopped barking immediately. Their Maltese barked for a few more seconds, then stopped. It was amazing.

I was actually able to train my neighbor’s two dogs in a few days. I have successfully trained Scruffy not to bark at people walking by our house and to bark when people walk up our driveway to our house. Now we know every time someone approaches our house. But we are no longer worried when someone walks or drives past our house. The feeling is very safe.

I would highly recommend the Bark Off Anti-Barking Device. It works great for me. I have two of them. I keep one in the house and one in the car so I have it when I take it with me to friends’ houses.

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