Baby Care Guidelines: How to Get Your Newborn Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Baby Care Guidelines: How to Get Your Newborn Baby to Sleep Through the Night

The most trying time for new parents is the night. Often your child will stay up all night or sleep only a little. Caring for a baby can be difficult for new parents, and there are some skills parents need to use to keep their sanity. The most important skill in taking care of your baby is being able to put him to sleep at night so you can get some sleep. Parents stressed from fatigue usually do not provide the best care for the baby.

I have three children and I was able to get each of them to start sleeping through the night at two weeks. I was new to babies, I’m the youngest so I’ve never had to take care of babies. Friends and family would always provide guidance on baby care and some of it had merit while a lot of it was just rubbish.

One tip I got to get my kids to sleep at night was to put some whiskey in their bottle. This is of course completely absurd and I would never follow this baby care technique….Nor should you. Here’s how I got all three of my kids to sleep through the night starting at two weeks old.

1. Have a consistent bedtime schedule

Babies, like children, crave schedules. This is important to them and makes them comfortable. All the parents I know who have babies who don’t sleep well don’t have a set bedtime. An important baby care tip is to always put your baby to bed at the same time every night. If you are outside, put your baby in a quiet place and put him to sleep.

2. Have a consistent bedtime routine

Again, babies require routine. If you bathe your baby every night, make sure you bathe your baby at the same time every night. If you bathe your baby every other day… make sure to bathe your baby every other day. Always read your baby a bedtime story. This is a great guideline for baby care because it not only introduces your baby to reading, but also begins to form a habit. It also, of course, provides routine baby care.

3. Stick to a meal schedule

Most babies need to feed every 2-3 hours. I understand that 2-3 hours is not a good night’s sleep for you or your partner and you would be right. But feeding your baby regularly throughout the day shows your baby that food is always available and he will start to know when to expect it. Always make sure you feed your baby 20 minutes before bedtime.

4. Play time before meals

Baby care is much more than caring for your baby. It also stimulates and trains your baby. Playing with your baby for about 30 minutes before the last bottle will help the baby to tire out and teach him coordination.

5. Putting your baby to bed

Here’s the hardest baby care tip to stick to. Putting your baby to bed, especially if you’re not a first-time parent, can be difficult. They will cry. It is good for him/her to cry and many doctors believe that it is good for their cardiovascular system. Don’t go and grab your baby. You show you care by trying to establish a schedule. If the baby cries for more than 20 minutes, take the time to go and check the baby’s diaper. Wrap him/her up nice and tight and give them room. A nice tight swaddle will make your baby feel secure.

If you follow these baby care guidelines for falling asleep, you and your baby should be sleeping through the night in no time.

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