Avoid falls, trips and slips on a construction site

Avoid falls, trips and slips on a construction site

As the construction project evolves and becomes a building or a home, the construction site itself obviously changes. As development progresses, risks and potential hazards change. Some of the more common problems are included below:

Uneven surfaces

This is popular as a house or building begins to take shape and doors, windows and fittings are constructed, this will mean that the floors become uneven and this really needs to be highlighted if nothing can be done in the short term, for to prevent a door frame projecting over brickwork.

Slippery surfaces

This is also common as the water floats around the object, splashes can make surfaces slippery. Construction sites can also be muddy places, as paths can become slippery from many people walking on the surface for extended periods. Weather conditions can also change the condition of the object. Too much rain on exposed areas of clay and mud can also make the area slippery.

Wiring and wiring

This is a more common location for those working in buildings. If you work inside and use electrical equipment, the electrical cords can become entangled when the worker starts moving. This can cause someone to trip over the wiring, especially if it is hidden among construction materials or dust from drilling. That is why cordless drills are preferred whenever possible.


These can be anything from waste that needs to be removed to a delivery that has just arrived. Although the obstacles will be visible, this can be difficult as workers will have to navigate around them and deviate from the path or path and this can lead to muddy paths. There should be designated delivery areas to avoid this problem and keep delivery vehicles in one area rather than the entire site.

Login to the site

It is more for the general public where the construction site may be located. Often the entrance will need to be used by many workers, visitors and the general public will also pass by the entrance. If you have boards or steps leading to the construction site, make sure they are clearly marked and visible so people can’t trip over them. It may be necessary to cordon off an area to ensure that the general public does not trip over the boards.

The bottom line here is to make sure potential accidents are cleared up immediately or highlighted to colleagues to prevent trips and slips.

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