Audition for movies or reality TV

Audition for movies or reality TV

If you’re competing for an audition post on the many reality shows this year, it’s a good idea to make sure you run the gamut from the checklist below:

• Above all, make sure you are essentially working with a reputable acting agency; an entity of such shade will usually require at the very least that the individuals in question sign an application form, and better still ensure that such an individual essentially presents some sort of working resume, no matter how modest it may be.

• Second, an agency with any pretensions to professionalism chooses to take the route of being recognized by some statutory body as a model agency; a good sign, but not to be taken for granted, legitimacy is such evidence, such as the entity having its details in a talent search directory – this is usually a good indicator of some claim to legitimacy. Be wary of entities that essentially brand themselves as free agencies and the potential for harm that runs through their brand of doing business.

• Third, make sure that your so-called audition agency essentially conducts a structured talent search on an annual basis; to that end, seeking reality for the current year 2012 should be more of a regular feature, as opposed to something left up to chance.

• Fourth, it is good to contact an agency that will essentially take care of a wide portfolio of possible castings that you can find in the market. Such possible casting could include the following, voice-overs, comedies, extras on movie sets, reality shows, and who knows, maybe even regular roles in movies that could portend a possible breakthrough in the movie industry.

If all the stars are aligned in your favor regarding the points listed above, then one thing you can possibly count on in 2012, or specifically regarding the matter of reality shows in 2012, is that you are essentially with one foot – in so far as legitimacy is concerned. The other half of the journey – specifically how you can use that talent to your advantage and even become better at ensuring that you not only land your role but also have a foothold in the industry depends on factors that sometimes are beyond your control. Make your shot and success.

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