Asthma and allergies: Asthma due to allergens

Asthma and allergies: Asthma due to allergens

Many asthmatics have a severe worsening of their condition due to allergies to certain allergens. Common allergens that cause asthma are:

Plant pollens: Pollen grains are the powdery substance produced by plants for the reproduction process. Individual pollen grains are very small in size, so together they look like a powdery substance. The pollen grains of different plants are of very different shapes and sizes. They are spread by wind, water or animal sources to far and wide places. Some people are allergic to pollen of certain plants. Since the occurrence of pollens is seasonal, their allergy is also seasonal.

Wind-borne pollen is most commonly seen to cause allergic asthma in humans. Generally, the flowers of plants that have wind-blown pollen are unattractive in appearance and smaller in size. Pollen is usually shed early in the morning, often before sunrise. Many patients who are sensitive to them also develop symptoms at this time. For people with allergies, it is important to know the pollen calendar of a place before making plans to settle there or only visit the place if they are prone to pollen allergies. It is also recommended to keep the windows closed and prefer to be in an air-conditioned atmosphere.

fungi: Mushrooms are saprophytic plants that are very small in size. So they appear as fibrous growth on the surfaces they grow on. They are basically scavengers and help putrefy and break down dead organisms into basic chemical components. Some mushrooms are very useful and are used for different purposes. Antibiotics such as penicillin and streptomycin are made from them. Different mushrooms are varieties of fungi. Alcohol, wine, cheese, and various baked goods produced through the fermentation process are made with the help of many fungi. They reproduce mainly by vegetative growth.

The spores produced in the process are released as a powdery substance. Some people are allergic to these spores. They cause allergic asthma in humans. It helps to study the calendar of fungi just as in the case of pollen. The peak periods of concentration of fungal spores are the months from September to November and from February to April. People who are allergic to various fungi may experience allergic reactions even after consuming foods that contain them. Allergy to mushrooms is known to be very common.

People suffering from fungal allergies should take extra precautions in addition to observing the fungal calendar. They must avoid any accommodation in basements of buildings, whether for business or residential purposes. Plastered and painted walls should be preferred over wallpaper, which can absorb moisture more quickly. All rooms and premises must be very well ventilated. Potted plants should be avoided in residential areas.

Home dust: Many people are allergic to house dust. The dust that settles on the various furniture and furnishings in the house is collectively called house dust. It can consist of outdoor dust and also different types of dust that originate inside the house. It can be from food scraps, from pets, from insects in the house, from human hair and skin, and many other such sources.

The house collects more in carpets, mats, old furniture and other corners. Usually such dust is not visible. It can be seen in the beam of sunlight entering the room. People who are allergic to dust have actually been shown to be allergic to dust mites that are found in dust. The most common house mite is called Dermatopagoides pteronyssinus. These mites live and feed on the components of house dust. Those who are allergic to house dust should keep their living quarters scrupulously clean. They should avoid placing too much furniture and heavy furniture in their rooms.

Food items: Many people are allergic to various food products. Different symptoms can be caused in different people allergic to different foods such as gas, diarrhea, hives, headache, lip swelling, mouth sores and many more. Sometimes the symptoms appear right away, and sometimes it takes a while to show up. Also, food allergies can depend on seasonal changes. Many babies are allergic to milk, especially cow’s milk. Wheat, fish, eggs and mushrooms are common food allergens. Diagnosis depends on elimination diets, as skin tests are usually not very helpful.

insects: Insect bites usually cause pain and swelling due to the introduction of insect venom into the system. The degree of manifestation of symptoms depends on the amount of poison. Insects can be of two types stinging insects and biting insects. However, the symptoms are never fatal. Some people are allergic to insect remains.

Animals: Many people are allergic to various animals, among which the most common are domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Other animals can be horses, cows, buffaloes and other animals with fur. Most often, the allergy is caused by animal dander.

Occupational allergens: Many people are allergic to substances with which they may come into contact due to their occupation. Some common examples are bakers becoming allergic to flour, cement workers allergic to cement, sulfur allergy in workers in various drug factories, workers allergic to leather dust, and hairdressers and beauticians allergic to various chemicals in cosmetics. products.

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