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Article Writing Tips – Write articles with the long tail in mind!

Article Writing Tips – Write articles with the long tail in mind!

If you are not writing articles to promote your products and services on the Internet, you are making a huge mistake.

When I create a new site, the first thing I do is write an article.

Of course, I need articles for my site (who doesn’t?), but I’m not talking about them here.

I’m talking about writing “long tail articles”, especially submitting them to directories.

I write articles that give a lot of advice to my readers. Actually, my articles are mini guides that they can print or just email to their friends if they want.

Here is the secret of this method. A lot of people don’t know that, but neither do you.

Solve other people’s problems and they will like you. Do you know what happens when these people like you?

They will want to learn more from you and will begin to trust you.

If your article gives them the solution or shows them where they can find the solution, your readers will want to know what else you do (or should I say sell).

Help them out by creating a nice bio box and tell them what they’ll find if they click the link right now.

Make sure you include your main keywords in your articles as well. Don’t use the broadest keywords, but target the long tail.

If you don’t know what the long tail is, let me give you an example.

If you are writing about the “dog training” niche, the keyword dog training is a broad keyword.

If you were to write an article on this topic, you would need to target a keyword like “How to Train Your Pit Bull”. Do you see the difference?

Your article has a better chance of being found in search engines because there are fewer websites talking about pit bulls (and specifically that long tail keyword phrase)

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