Are some people born for Reiki?

Are some people born for Reiki?

Was that Reiki?

The funny thing is that even before I knew much about Reiki (still just a student) I used my body to heal others. Namely my children. When their heads or bellies hurt, I would rub them or hold them and rock them. When they skinned a knee, I kissed it. When they were babies I dry bathed them (not knowing the term) when they were cranky. It always worked. Somehow I could make them feel better and bring them out of even the most intense toddler tantrums.

All holistic healers use methods of moving Ki or energy to heal. It is said that reiki healers

are even more powerful with their healing because they have been attuned to Reiki. But it seems quite obvious that just as people are born clairvoyant and others can see etheric layers of energy around people, so others should be naturally inclined to Reiki. Most schools of thought say “No” and I can’t help but agree with some degree of certainty – but I feel, think and believe that for some people Reiki is a part of them.

Perhaps this could be from a past life or from receiving energy from someone around them.

Reiki for me is difficult, often frustrating and takes a lot of time and effort to get comfortable with. I hope these are just growing pains.

For my daughter born Indigo, she seems to do Reiki naturally.

She treated cats and calves, trees and bushes. When I feel tired or stressed, she always seems to know where to put her hands and they are always warm and powerful. She describes people in color since she knows the rainbow and magnetically takes in all the emotions around her. She has no knowledge or understanding of Reiki.

Does this 10-year-old girl use Reiki?

There’s even a question about Mikao Usui’s setup. Was he set up, or did the life force of the sacred mountain waterfall really open his crown chakra wide enough to accept the gift? Apparently, prior to this experience, he was already a gifted healer.

It’s like sunlight through a tunnel. Other forms of energy displacement are like trying to force or push sunlight through the same tunnel when the aperture is closed. Hard, demanding and tiring.

I guess I would say that maybe some people are not born into Reiki, but rather are born with the predisposition to heal. These people like me and millions of others are always sending out a signal and Reiki almost involuntarily finds them. As for my daughter, when she’s ready I’ll ask her if she wants to tune in. Until then, I just protect her aura and support her natural tendency to heal.

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