Are iguanas replacing dogs and cats?

Are iguanas replacing dogs and cats?

In some homes around the world, people have started replacing traditional animals for company with one of these beautiful reptiles. Caring for one of these animals is similar to any other pet. The essential thing is that you should know that they eat vegetables (lettuce, parsley…), they need constant doses of calcium and that they mainly sunbathe.

Iguanas are beautiful animals that are happy with a little at home. They grow at a very high rate and improper care can cause infections that can end their lives. They have a quick adaptation to coexistence with humans and never pose a danger to us. These animals retained their resemblance to the huge dinosaurs that dominated the earth for years.

Iguanas are reptiles that can have quite independent lives that don’t require you to always be on top to care for them. Pet iguanas don’t need to walk outdoors in large areas to develop their muscles like other animals, as they do well with a small expansion of area to defecate and sunbathe.

People’s attitudes towards the strangest creatures are actually more favorable now than they were in the past. Environmentalists have made us realize that many exotic animals are suffering a terrible decline in their global populations, which is mainly due to human-caused destruction of their habitats, or at least to environmental change. The green iguana or common iguana is one of these endangered animals.

These reptiles are known for their impressive displays and rituals of courtship and defense, in which they perform movements by lifting their body and swinging their head forcefully from top to bottom.

Green iguanas live mainly in South and Central America and, outside the Western Hemisphere, only in Madagascar and the Fiji Islands. Lizards of the iguana family are similar to the lizards of Eurasia, except for the teeth, which are tightly joined to the inner edge of the jaw.

The efforts of the environmentalist in recent years have convinced the governments of many countries of the importance of preserving its species of wild life. Currently, iguanas are included in the appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, which means that international trade of the species is only permitted with a special license. Other reasons for the problem there are the low responsibility of some governments and illegal imports in various countries.

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