Are hedgehogs good pets? – They sure do!

Are hedgehogs good pets? – They sure do!

Are hedgehogs good pets? The simple answer is “Yes!” But, as with any other question, the actual answer is usually a bit more complicated.

If you enjoy watching the antics of cute little mammals, you will definitely enjoy raising hedgehogs. They love to squirm and burrow under blankets or pillows and can entertain onlookers for hours. Also, despite their spines, they are actually easy to catch animals. They quickly learn to enjoy their owners.

If you are allergic to cats or dogs, a hedgehog can be a good pet. They do not spread dandruff and so will not cause any kind of allergic reaction. Although they occasionally shed their feathers, they certainly don’t shed like dogs and cats.

Hedgehogs are quiet animals, so if you like peace and quiet, they might be the perfect pets for you. Listen closely and you’ll hear a snorting sound when a hedgehog breathes. When upset or frightened, these small mammals may grunt or chirp. But for the most part, they are nice, quiet pets.

Are hedgehogs good pets for apartment dwellers? Being small, quiet animals, they make perfect apartment pets. Of course, since they move around a lot, hedgehogs need a lot of room to roam. So you’ll need to make sure their cages offer plenty of floor space and be prepared to let them roam freely outside their cages on occasion.

Are hedgehogs good pets for people who like to handle insects? Hedgehogs love to eat beetles and caterpillars, so if you or your kids like to collect insects, you’ll find a ready audience for your efforts in a pet hedge. You will find these bugs in your yard or in pet stores. You should also feed your hedgehog dry cat or ferret food to make sure they get enough food.

Speaking of kids, are hedgehogs good pets for people who have kids? Of course, if the children are five years old or older. Children can be taught to handle these delicate little creatures with care. And the hedgehog will get used to the children, the more time they spend with him. Kids can even learn to help clean the cage and feed the pet hedgehog. This will help them learn responsibility as well as help you.

Many people wonder if hedgehogs are difficult to care for. They are actually easy animals to care for. They don’t need much care and can often be trained to be carried. This isn’t always the case, but it’s definitely worth a try. All it takes is a little patience and persistence.

So if you’ve been wondering “Are hedgehogs good pets?” you should consider all these other things. You might just find that hedgehogs are the perfect pets for you.

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