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Are dog training DVDs worth it?

Are dog training DVDs worth it?

When I got my puppy, I received quite a few gifts from friends and family. When I say I got them, of course, I actually mean the gifts were for the dog! They ranged from toys to collars and from beds to winter jackets! Luckily someone was smart enough or maybe nice enough to buy me something. I was skeptical at first, how much can I actually learn from a dog training DVD, right? Well, as it happens, it was an absolute life saver!

I didn’t realize how long it would be between the time I got my puppy and the time I could actually take him outside for a walk. It is not advisable to take a dog out until it has received all vaccinations from the vet. If you do, your puppy can pick up all kinds of bugs and infections, and you could be left with a huge vet bill. So the dog needs to stay indoors, but how are you going to keep him entertained for the first few months? That’s where the dog training DVD came into play. I was able to work my way through the lessons step by step because frankly we were stuck together so why not put the time to good use? The earlier you start training your puppy, the better, so if you do it when he or she is young, that’s ideal.

The lessons started very slowly. Try to master the basics like sitting down first and then working your way up. You’ll find it gets easier as you work through the guide. At least I did, it seems that as soon as your dog realizes that he will be rewarded for the expected behavior, things become much easier.

This is the puzzle. The DVD I have also takes you through more advanced steps like staying and extracting. My puppy had a real problem trying to stay as he has such an appetite for food. As soon as he saw what I was holding in my hand, he instantly came up to me waiting for the treat. I would say this was the hardest skill to master so far. Some DVDs will cater to different dog breeds. Terriers are known for being stubborn compared to other breeds such as Labradors. Of course I had to buy a terrier!

Overall, a dog training DVD is worth the investment, especially for the first few months when you can’t take your dog outside.

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