Are Breed-Specific Pitbull Supplements Necessary for Optimal Pitbull Health?

Are Breed-Specific Pitbull Supplements Necessary for Optimal Pitbull Health?

Like athletes, especially athletic dogs have unique supplement offerings that claim to specifically target their needs. Pitbull supplements are no different: APBT-specific vitamins, minerals, and nutritional compounds are numerous and widely available. Also, they tend to be more expensive than regular dog vitamins. But are they really more effective?

It’s all in the label

What a particular type of vitamin or compound is called has absolutely nothing to do with what it contains. The FDA, which regulates these things in human compounds, does nothing with products that are fed to pets. A company can – and will – name products as it chooses. In most cases, this means that if they want to simply put a different label on their existing vitamin and call it “Pitbull Health Vitamins,” they can do so without changing the formula in any way. For the most part, most companies do just that. There is no difference between their “Pitbull Supplements” and regular dog vitamins. There is nothing that makes their option particularly suitable for your APBT.

Same thing, more expensive

The main reason for relabeling a standard dog food supplement is so that it can be rebranded and sold to a more specialized market. This is exactly what happens with many Pitbull health and nutrition products. APBT owners tend to pamper their dogs much more than the average owner and tend to be more concerned about breed-specific ailments and deficiencies, as their breed’s deficiencies and potential ailments are quite well known.

What is best for Pitbull health?

When looking for optimal nutrition for your APBT, don’t be limited by things labeled for Pitbull health. In fact, many of the options designed for the general dog population are actually better for your APBT than the corresponding breed-specific item.

Things to search for

Instead of focusing on the name of the container, look beyond that to the ingredients. First, it must be completely natural and easily digestible. Part of the reason you supplement in the first place is to provide easier access to the most important nutrients your dog needs. They are often underrepresented in his usual diet and may even be completely absent. If they are present, they are often difficult for the body to fully extract. Vitamin pills, powders, and wafers eliminate this problem by providing easier absorption of the entire amount and further increasing the amount consumed until it reaches recommended levels.

This form of nutritional enhancement is the primary goal of Pitbull Health Powders, Wafers and Pills. However, they should also contain ingredients that promote an overall healthy lifestyle. These include antioxidants, amino acids and joint support compounds. Make sure you choose a formula that is easy on your pet’s stomach.

The right choice may or may not be specifically labeled as Pitbull supplements. Many of the best choices on the market are not. Don’t ignore them because they don’t seem to be specialized; take your time, do your due diligence, and make the most informed health choices for your APBT.

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