Ancient Egyptian statues live to tell the tale

Ancient Egyptian statues live to tell the tale

Ancient Egyptian statues for sale come from an era when these wonderful artistic endeavors were once important possessions of wealthy Egyptians and Egyptian royalty. Now we tend to see them as priceless. How a few have disappeared into the sands of time, we do not know. We know that a few have survived to be referred to as ancient Egyptian artifacts. That’s what they are, whether they’re in an Egyptian gift shop or an Egyptian British museum.

Few people realize that ancient Egyptian statues for sale are essentially a porthole to the past that people can own, decorate and even celebrate. Ancient Greek statues reveal the gods that the Egyptians feared and revered. They show the magnificence of women considered queens or gods. They show the animal nature of the gods and also the royal life of the ancient kings.

Bastet’s attractive statue presents the cat as a god, able to change lives at his whim. Of course, a few like the Sphinx; a feline figure most associated with ancient Egypt. Black scarabs are also among the ancient Egyptian statues for sale in the Egyptian gift shop. These decorative beetles represent the worldly life that the sun god gave to man. They were kept as talismans against trouble and given as tokens of affection.

There is Isis, a generous and lovely goddess who was the benefactor of the downtrodden. Sometimes she is depicted with open wings. There is the dramatic Chorus Falcon. He still makes one shudder today, perhaps thanks to his status as a god of vengeance. Perhaps because he was usually depicted in ancient Egyptian statues for sale with a falcon’s head and a healthy human body. Then there is Anubis, depicted with the head of a jackal. He is usually misunderstood simply as the god of death. In fact, many Egyptians considered him the god of the living because he guaranteed people life after death.

These treasures can be found alongside various ancient Egyptian artifacts that honor royalty who were themselves considered gods. the charming queens, Nefertiti and Cleopatra, are usually among the traditional Greek statues found in the Egyptian British Museum and among the traditional Egyptian statues for sale in the Egyptian gift shop. The statues of King Tutan and the coffin boxes remind us of the glory of Egypt, the magnificent tombs and pyramids that stored the belongings of the kings.

Ancient Egyptian statues for sale usually represent the great designs of the past. There is the pyramid that reaches to the heavens. There is the pyramid, the tomb of the kings and protector of the king’s vast burial treasure. Usually there are hieroglyphs, the representational language that has allowed translators to tell us the secrets of these treasures.

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