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An Owner’s Guide to Overheating in Iguanas

An Owner’s Guide to Overheating in Iguanas

You probably know that iguanas are from tropical areas. This makes you think that overheating is not a common problem, but it is. In the wild, iguanas can get out of the sun when they need to. In captivity, they rely on you to keep their temperature in an appropriate range and provide them with a cooler area to go to.

It is very important to have several thermometers in your iguana’s enclosure. This will allow you to monitor the temperature and take action if it gets too warm. You should try to have at least three thermometers scattered throughout the enclosure.

The placement of the thermometers is also important. If you intend to use one to monitor the temperature in the middle of the enclosure, placing it on a side wall will give you an inaccurate reading. Therefore, you should place the thermometer in close proximity to the area you want to monitor.

If the temperature happens to get out of hand, you’ll want to know the signs of overheating in iguanas. The most noticeable symptom is panting and gaping mouth. If you touch it, it will probably feel hot to the touch.

If your iguana overheats, you should immediately remove it from the heat source. Once removed, it should cool without further intervention. If you want to speed things up, you can put cool water in a bottle and spray it.

You should also know that iguanas that overheat are very susceptible to dehydration. Therefore, if your iguana suffers from this condition, you should make sure that it is rehydrated. The best way to do this is to feed him foods with a high water content such as lettuce and watermelon.

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